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7 v 7 Ska'moog Soccer Tournament

July 20, 2019 | Bergen, New Jersey

We're Changing the GAME!

Experience the SKA'MOOG SOCCER Tournaments

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TIRED of over priced social sports leagues?
Or competitive leagues that give nothing back to the players?

Experience Ska'moog

- More Convenient 1-day tournaments

- More Team & Player Stats

- More FREE PHOTOS (1000+ FREE Photos at every event)

More Extras including the Ska'moog Skills Challenges (including the POWER Shot)

- More competition and skill levels

- More team and player prizes!


You deserve MORE!

Tournament of Champs Graphic.jpg

Join the revolution and experience Ska'moog Soccer

We have a SKILL Level for YOU!

New to Ska'moog Soccer, looking for FUN or the most competitive Soccer in the area, we have a division for YOU!


Men's A 7v7

Competitive and Fun

Men's B 7v7

Fun & Competitive

IMG_4966 (1).jpg

Co-Ed A 7v7

Engaging, Fun, and Competitive

Co-Ed B 7v7

Fun, Social, and Engaging

Learn more about each division here=>

What makes Ska'moog Different?


1,000+ FREE Photos (All Events)


+1 GOAL 

MVPs, Stats, Records, & the All-Ska'moog Team

Soccer Map.jpg

Ska'moog Skills Challenges => The POWER Shot, 1v1 Challenge, Accuracy Shot

IMG_5096 (1).jpg

 #1 - Power Ranking       

 #1 - Defense (2.3 GA/G)   

 #1 - Offense (8.5 GF/G) 


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Next Event: Bergen, NJ  |  July 20

Contact Ska'moog


Phone: 1-844-SKAMOOG

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