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Prove  you  are  the  Best!

The  Ska'Moog  Combine

The NEW 2018 Ska'moog Combine Challenge

Overview - Each event during the season we will feature certain Combine challenges.  The top scores at each of the events will be ranked and the best players will be invited to the 2018 Combine Challenge (same day as the Pro Tournament of Champs) to earn the title as Ska'moog Combine Champion!  The Champion will earn the GOLD and $500 in PRIZES!

How to make Combine Ship?

How to make the 2018 Ska'moog Combine Challenge?

1) Play in events and participate in Combine Challenges during the year


2) Earn points by ranking in the Top 10 of any challenge during the year (e.g., if you run the fastest 40 time and are ranked #1 you have earned 10 ranking points.  The #10 40 yard dash time earn 1 pt and there are no points earned for effort if you are not in the top 10.  Note your ranking points will accumulate if you rank in multiple top 10's).

3) The top ranked players will be invited to the 2018 Combine Challenge at the end of the year!

4) One COMBINE Champion will be CROWNED and earn the GOLD Medal and over $500 in Prizes!    

5) The second and third ranked players will earn the Silver and Bronze medals

The 2018 Combine Challenges & Records

Laser Times 40 Yard Dash

Are you fastest player in Ska'moog?

How the drill works - each player lines up and sprints a laser timed 40.  The lowest times earn the top ranks for the Ska'moog Combine Championship! 

Ska'moog Record - 4.44 seconds Drey Terry (Bang Nation and Code Red)

Vertical Leap


How the drill works - from a standing position players leap straight up to touch the highest point they can (there is no forward movement allowed prior to the jump)

Ska'moog Record - 41 inches (Nicholas Keim)

2018 Combine Challenges

Questions on divisions?

Email -

Call - 1-844-Skamoog

QB Accuracy Challenge

Target Practice!

How the drill works - five targets and 15 seconds on the clock.  Each target is worth 5 points for a max score of 25.  Players must pick up each ball individually and then hustle to the drop back area delivering strikes through the targets to earn points.

Ska'moog Record - New format for 2018 (no current record)

Endzone Leap

Can you FLY?

How the drill works - the player will have a 7 yard run up area to make their ENDZONE LEAP!  The longest leap is calculated from the start of the jump to where the ball reaches at the end of the LEAP.

Ska'moog Record - New format in 2018 but previous record holder was 76 inches C Thomas (Giants)

Lineman Challenge

Are you the BEST rusher in the GAME?

How the drill works - the course is set up with cones, edge rushing techniques, a cargo net, a tire flip, and certain other obstacles that a player must navigate to score the lowest time.  This drill is perfect for gamechanging rushers.

Ska'moog Record - NEW format for 2018

NEW! YOU just got MOOGED WR Challenge!

How the drill works - there will be a LEAP BAR where the WR will have one to two steps to elevate about that bar and make a gamechanging catch.  The WR will need help from his QB to deliver a pass about the bar that the WR can jump up and GRAB!  The bar will continue to go up and HIGHEST catch is the winner (e.g., player X successfully caught a ball about the 10 ft 6 inch leap bar).

Ska'moog Record - NEW in 2018

Long Throw

Hail MARY!

How the drill works - players will have two throws.  The longest throw wins!  Note - important the throw is straight you do not get any extra distance for launching it left or right of the target direction.

Ska'moog Record - 66 yards (Dave LaRosa)

Field Goal Kick

Power and Accuracy

How the drill works - kickers will receive 3 kicks from any points on the field.  The longest successful kick is tracked.  The player with the longest KICK wins!

Ska'moog Record - 56 yards (Brian Bettenhausen)

Tire Flip!

Are you strongest player in Ska'moog?

How the drill works - the player starts with the tire laying flat and continues to flip it (needs to be clean flips and the tire needs to land squarely down each flip - no rolling is allowed) until they pass the 10 yard mark where they quickly move to the other side and flip it back to the starting point.  The event is timed and the fastest time down and back wins!

Ska'moog Record - New format for 2018

WR/QB Team Passing Challenge

Who is the best QB-WR combo in Ska'moog?

How the drill works - there is a designated course that the WR must execute while the QB delivers timely strikes.  There are 5 passes in total - two one handed catches, one deep ball, one high point, and one dive!  The drill is timed and players lose 5 seconds on their score for every incompletion.  If no attempt is made it is -10 seconds.

Ska'moog Record - New DRILL in 2018

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