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Our rules are designed to support the most engaging, competitive, and fun style of soccer out there!

The Rulebook – All Divisions

Tournament Format:

  • Each team plays two regular season games for playoff seeding.  Tie-breaker is head-to-head (if applicable) followed by goals against.  Final tie-breaker is a coin flip.  All teams make playoffs (guaranteed min of three games).  There is no overtime in seeding games.

  • Single Elimination Playoff (no reseeding each round)

  • Playoffs – higher seed calls the coin toss. 

  • Tie Game In Playoffs:  If a tie exists at the end of a playoff game, the game will decided by going immediately into Penalty Kicks.  Each team will pick 3 players (with a minimum of 1 female for co-rec) to kick alternating shots.  At the end of the 3 kicks, the team with the most points, wins.  If a tie still exists, sudden death penalty kicks will take place with one player from each team:  two new kickers must be used before the 3 original kickers may kick again.


Rules: This is a 5v5 soccer specific rule book. If a soccer rule is not in this rule book, then we fall back on FIFA regulation.  Depending on the situation, Ska’moog officials may elect to change a rule during the season and will update this rulebook accordingly. 

Playing Age: Players must be 18 years of age or over to compete.  In certain situations, Ska’moog may approve other players outside of this requirement based on our professional judgment. 

Uniforms: Players must wear their Ska’moog issued team jerseys.  No player may wear anything that could injure another player or themselves (jewelry).  Cleats and turf shoes are recommended.  Metal cleats are strictly prohibited.  Shin guards are recommended for all players at all times. The choice to not wear shin guards is at the sole responsibility of the player.  

Rosters and Waivers: Every player is required to sign a waiver before they play in each event. Teams are required to have 7 players and there is no max limit on your roster size.    

Forfeited Games: If your team fails to show up within 15 minutes of your game time, the game may be declared as a forfeit (at the discretion of a Ska’moog Official). The non-forfeited team will receive a 1-0 victory. If a team forfeits twice in a season, they will be removed from the power rankings with no refunds.

Mercy Rule: There is no “mercy rule” enforced. Everyone has paid to play and points do make a difference for postseason.


Number of Players and Gender Rules: Each team on the field must consist of 5 players (NO goalie).  For the Co-Rec division teams must have at least two (2) women on the field at all times.  If a team cannot field a minimum number of 4 players, a forfeit will be declared.  A team must have 4 players physically present at game time or a forfeit will be called (at the discretion of the Ska’moog Official).

Match Duration:  Matches will consist of 15 minute running halves.  Clock will run nonstop.  Added time will be at the discretion of the referee, but encouraged not to add excessive time. 

Substitutions:  Substitutes will be allowed “on the fly” and are unlimited. Substitutions should be made near the team bench and cannot result in an advantage.  A player cannot enter the field of play until the replaced player has exited the field.  Final decision on substitutions are made by the Ska’moog Official.



Start of play: A coin flip will decide which team will kick off.  Each team must stay on its own half of the field and the defending players must be at least 5 yards from the ball when it is kicked. After a goal is made, the team scored upon will kick off. After halftime, the teams change ends (switch sides) and the kickoff will be taken by the opposite team to that which started the game.


SCORING: A team will be awarded a 1 point for a goal that is scored.

Fouls/Misconduct: Player safety is top a priority. 


Tough play is encouraged, but slide tackles are illegal.  Slide tackles may result in an ejection from the game.  Two slide tackle offenses may result in ejection from the tournament.  Sliding to save a ball from going out of bounds or into the goal is allowed when no other players are within reach, at the Ska’moog Officials discretion.  All free kicks are indirect.  There are no penalty kicks.  “Walls” and other defenders can be no closer than 5 yards during free kicks.


Play on the ground will be at the discretion of the referee, but dangerous play will be judged for a foul and discipline will be issued. 


Yellow cards and Red cards will be issued for all deserving offenses, in accordance with FIFA regulation. A first Yellow card is a warning, a second yellow card warrants a red, which requires the player to be sent off, and the offending player’s team is to play down one player for the duration of the game. Two Yellow cards receive a suspension of following game. Automatic Red is required suspension of next two games.


Free Kicks:  All Free Kicks are indirect. Any ball that goes over the Touch Lines will be played in with a kick in. Ball must be stationary. Any ball that travels over the End Lines will result in a Goal Kick or a Corner Kick. Goal Kicks may not land past midfield without hitting the ground or a player first.  This will result in an indirect free kick from midfield for the opposing team.  Free Kicks will be given a minimum of 5 yards by opposing players. Quick restarts are allowed, at the discretion of the Ska’moog Official.


Penalty Kicks: A penalty kick is a direct free kick taken at the penalty mark, which is 10 yards from the goal line.  Penalty kicks are only taken after a tie in the playoffs.  Penalty kicks are taken with an empty net (no goalie).  


Goalkeeper:  There are no goalies in 5v5 Ska'moog Soccer games.


Offsides: There is no offsides.


Scoring:  A goal is considered a goal when the ball crosses the goal line in its entirety.  A goal can be scored while in play and as long as there are no infringements of any soccer rules.

SPORTSMANSHIP:  We're all here to have a good time and good sportsmanship is expected from everyone.  Serious unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a player being ejected from the game.  An ejection may result in further suspension from participation in current and/or future Ska’moog sports or events.  An ejected player(s) is required to leave the premises immediately --  refusal to do so may result in a team forfeit and/or increased length of suspension.


Ska’moog Official:  The Ska’moog Official has the final say on any and all “on field” calls, goals, discipline, and ejections. Each team will provide a captain, who may converse with them, but all Ska’moog Official decisions are final.


Weather/Cancellation:  Tournaments may be cancelled due to existing weather conditions, dangerous or unplayable field conditions, facility constraints, etc. The parks department may close fields at their discretion. Ska’moog makes every effort to play all scheduled games, thus we will not cancel games until absolutely necessary.  We will send an email to everyone as early as possible to let them know if the tournament will be rescheduled. 

5v5 Ska'moog Soccer Rules

Applicable to all divisions

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