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  $1,000   Ska'moog   cup  

7v7  tournament    |     november 30  

do  you  have  what  it  takes  to   win ?

earn  the  title  of  2019  ska'moog  cup  champions  &

ska'moo g   black  jerseys   for  all  of  2020



Event Location - Lyndhurst, NJ

Event Type - 7v7 Soccer Tournament

Date - Saturday, November 30th

Start Time - 9:00 AM (subject to change)

Pricing - Register Early and SAVE!

Only $50 Deposit Locks in your TEAM'S SPOT (remaining balance can be paid on gameday)

Regular Pricing - $400

Early Bird Team Pricing - $300

(less than $30 per player if you have 11 players)


Team Size : Max of 12 players

Prices increase on 11/4


Note: there is a $40 per team Ref fee that covers all games (if you have 10 players, its $4 per player for refs).

Event Overview - This Ska'moog Event is a one-day Soccer Tournament. With Player Stat-Tracking, Team Power Rankings, the dynamic Ska’moog Skills Challenge, and 2,000+ FREE Event Photos!

Winner Receives

- $1,000 Championship Prize

- Title of 2019 Ska'moog Cup Champions

- Ska'moog BLACK jerseys to wear at 2020 tournaments

Details  on  the   Tournament  Of  Champs


Do  You  Wear  BLack?

Who's invited?

The Top Power Ranked Teams (top 8-12 teams earn an invite, but that number is subject to change)

When is the TOC?

- November 30, 2019

What do you win in the TOC?

- The Coveted BLACK Jerseys (you get the right to wear the coveted black jerseys for all of 2020).  No one else wears black, except the champions

Men's A Prize - $1,000

*Prizes are subject to change

Format of TOC?^

- Double Elimination - teams are seeded by Power Ranking.  Higher your rank, easier it is to win the TOC


^Format subject to change based on number of teams

Tournament Details

3 Reasons You Can't Miss This Tournament

1) Title of $1,000 Sk'amoog Cup Champions & BLACK Jerseys for 2020 season

Looking for a challenge? The Winner receives $1,000 Prize and title of 2019 Ska'moog Soccer Champions.  Winners also earn the coveted BLACK Jerseys to wear for the entire 2020 season.

2) One-day tournaments fit your schedule

Tough to commit to a loooong 12-game season? Ska'moog's one-day tournaments are designed to fit your schedule. So no matter where you are in your life, you can rally your squad two or three times a year to come out and compete.

3) You deserve better = EXPERIENCE SKA'MOOG Soccer!

We are players and we care about your experience. With Player and Team Stat Tracking, Tournament MVPs, Team Power Rankings, Free Tournament Photos, Game Jerseys, and more, Ska'moog is different - come experience the new age of Soccer!


Field Layout & Key Rules

soccer field.jpg

Field Size*

- Length - 50-60 yds

- Width - 25-35 yds

- Soccer Goals - 14 by 7 ft

*Sizing subject to change based on tournament location

Key Rules

- 15 Minute Running Halves

- 7v7 Soccer (with goalie)

- No slide tackling

- No offsides


Email -

Call - 1-844-Skamoog



Only $50 Deposit*

to reserve your team's spot

Questions? Email

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