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Pro A (Competitive) - ALL SKA'MOOG TEAM

Over 1,200 Players and 100+ Teams in Pro A


- It's impossible to get right, but we did our best to pick out the Gamechangers from 2017

- We considered your team performance, your impact on the game, the number of games you played during the season (consistent performances over 15 games vs 3 games was helpful), what your peers, refs, and teammates were saying, and your stats (but stats were certainly not the most important driver).  Based on these factors, we determined the All-Ska'moog Team. 

Offense - All-Ska'moog

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Defense - All-Ska'moog


Mike Rizzo (The Petersons)

- Led all players in Passing TDs

- Athletic, tough, smart, strong arm, and a dynamic rusher

- Helped lead the Petersons to their second top 5 finish in the Power Rankings

Joe Conklin (Ballzdeep)

- Toughest player in Ska'moog

- Joe accounted for over 50 TDs in 2017

- Joe is a great leader and has all the physical tools

Eric Jankowitz (Dub V)

- No one can extend a play longer in Ska'moog

- Eric is electric with the ball and precise with his passes down field.  He accounted for over 60 TDs in 2017

Griffin Thomas (Money Makers)

- Dynamic QB, Tough, Smart

- Griffin has the Ska'moog Record for Rush TDs in a tournament with 12 Rush TDs

- Great team leader

Charlie Baez (Come Get Some)

- Smart, tough, elusize, and strong arm

- Charlie recorded over 70 TDs last season

George Angelopoulos (Hawks)

- Strong arm, High Football IQ, and accurate

- George is a natural leader and the Hawks are consistently at the top of the rankings

Nick Cameron (No Fly Zone)

- Powerful thrower, Smart, and Dynamic Runner

- Nick continues to grow and is one of the key leaders on one of the strongest young teams in Ska'moog 

Tommy Huszar (The U)

- Smart, accurate, and very tough

- Tommy is a proven leader and one of the most consistent and reliable QBs in Ska'moog

Izzy Barboza (Red Zone)

- One of the best arms in all of Ska'moog

- Very strong runner 

- High acumen for football and a strong leader

Eric Meese  (God Given)

- Great passer, strong runner, and quick and decisive decision maker

- Eric ones run of the strongest offenses in all of Ska'moog

Eric Yedman (The Firm)

- Cannon for an arm, high football IQ, very underrated runner

- Terrific leader and all around QB

Juan Guzman  (The Cobras)

- Dynamic QB, Tough, Smart

- Electric runner and good passer

O-line/Tight End's

Dejon Williams (The Petersons)

- Great blocker, incredible hands

- Over 50 receptions and 10+ Receiving TDs

Tom Bremme (The Firm)

- Best pass catcher this season

- 2017 Tournament MVP (Philly)

- Great spin move and tough blocker (Tom is terrific after the catch)

Dan Muirhead (The Blazers)

- High Football IQ

- Great blocker and football player

Kalei Cutcher (Come Get Some)

- Strong blocker and terrific pass catcher

- Kalei had 20+ TDs in 2017 leading his position group

Shane Rawls (Petersons, Endzone Chasers)

- Shane is tough and a great football player

- Terrific blocker and pass catcher

- He is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses

Peter Quintana (The Petersons)

- Peter is rock solid and the best pure pass blocker in Ska'moog

Demetri Thompson (Hawks)

- Great hands, high points a football as well as any player in Ska'moog

- Demetri is a nightmare for defenses on the goal line

- Strong blocker

Donnell Billings - TRUEBALLERS

- Great pass blocker

- Tough, very talented, and a terrific receiver

Kris Hunter (BIC)

- Great hands, good blocker, and very good after the catch

Tyler Andreas - Dub V

- Great pass blocker

- Pound for pound the best blocker in Ska'moog

Eddie Vertucci (Huskers)

- Great hands, terrific with the ball after the catch, and tough blocker

- High football IQ

Carl Burwell (Boog Squad)

- Strong blocker

- Talented receiver who caught over 100 Receptions in 2017

- Great team leader


Wide Receivers/Running Backs

Derel Williams (The Petersons)

- Over 30 Rec TDs

- Record for Receiving TDs in a game - 6 TDs

- Dynamic two way player that can do it all it all

Barry Bradley (Blazers CHAMPS)

- Barry is one of the most talented players in Ska'moog

- Over 100 receptions and 25+ Rec TDs

Arthur McCarthy (The Petersons)

- Great route runner with terrific speed

- The Jordy Nelson of Ska'moog

- 25+ TDs in 2017

Deandre Long (Come Get Some)

- Explosive, fast, and never flustered

- Great at high pointing a football

- Over 70 receptions and 20+ Rec TDs

Johnnie Bangura (Money Makers)

- The best hands in Ska'moog

- Great and precise routes and tough to tackle after the catch

- The Jarvis Laundry of Ska'moog

Terrence Williams (Boog Squad)

- One of the most skilled players in all of Ska'moog

- Incredible athlete, smart, tough, elusive and dynamic 

- Has Odell Beckham like talent

Anthony Viso (Young Bloods)

- Holds the records for Rec TDs and Receptions in a season

- Consistent, talented, tough, and great ball skills

Ben Toro (The U)

- Great ball skills, speed, and talent

- Does everything well

- Terrific hands and great playmaker

Aytac Malta (Boog Squad)

- Explosive and talented

- Great size, physical, and tough to defend

- Over 50 receptions and 10+ TDs

Alfred Demby (BIC)

- Look at the photo.....Alfred has off the charts charts athleticism

- Great deep threat and incredible in the red zone

Evan White (Old Dogs)

- Incredible hands, elusive after the catch

- Good playmaker and incredible teammate and leader

Marc Iannazzo (Hawks)

- Marc is a great player

- Smart, physical, great ball skills, and griddy receiver who seems to always be open


Utility Players (Offense/Defense)

Rob Lane (The Blazers - 2017 Champs)

- One of the best two way players in Ska'moog

- Smart dual threat QB and a strong free safety

Devin Kennedy (BIC #2)

- Devin is one the best athletes in Ska'moog

- Incredible rusher and has great arm strength to make any throw

Jalon White (Hoodlums)

- Jalon might be the best player in Pro A

- Jalon is an incredible defender leading Ska'moog with 25 INTs

- On offense, Jalon is a great wide receiver with great size, strength, and ball skills

Shane Turner (Money Makers)

- Shane is a great all-around player

- He can play all positions especially on offense where he showed his QB talent towards the end of the season

Ryan Williams (The Firm)

- Very talented Wide Receiver and terrific defensive back

- Great size and ball skills

Patrick Daly (Old Dogs)

- Best motor in all of Ska'moog

- Pat can play every position

- Dynamic QB and pass rusher

Tirelle Mixson (No Fly Zone)

- Great QB and Wide Receiver

- Tough and athletic defender

- Incredible leader and No Fly was not the same team when he was injured

Matt Riddick (TRUEBALLERS)

- Incredible athlete (might be the fastest player in Ska'moog)

- Great balls and very elusize

Andre Crawford (Boog Squad)

- Only player in 2017 that was top 5 in tackles and receptions

- Great ball skills and tough defender

- Great team leader

Fazion Rock (Endzone Chasers)

- So young and talented 

- There is nothing Fazion cannot do on the field well and he has incredible arm talent

Adam Venturini (Young Bloods)

- Very young and talented

- Good length and physical size

- Tough, strong hands, and a great flag grabber

- Can play every position

Mikey Gordon (No Fly, Come Get Some)

- Incredible athlete

- Lightning quick with great speed

- Playmaker

Utility players
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