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Spring 2018 - League Home

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The 2018 Tournament of Champions

What is the TOC?

Teams build their ranking playing in tournaments and leagues.  At the end of the year, we invite the top teams in each division to compete for the coveted BLACK Jerseys and grand prizes!  Want more?  Check out the full TOC details

Looking to bring the competitive fire back?  To get to the gym and challenge yourself?

If you grew up competing, you’re familiar with the empty feeling when it’s clear your “career” is over. The motivation for pumping out an extra rep, wind sprint, and the like are long gone. Even worse, no longer do you revel over victories or despair over losses with your teammates. The Ska’moog founders dealt with this same sense of loss and it became our mission to create something to fill the void, Hence, the the Tournament of Champions for all Ska'moog Divisions. 


This event was there to encourage competition at all skill levels and to bring the competitive fire back into your life. This is why we track stats, promote power rankings, declare tournament MVPs, and so much more.  Because at the end of the day, we all know competition makes us stronger on and off the field!

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