New to Flag Football? Looking for FUN? Or trying to compete in the most competitive Flag Football? 


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Fun, Engaging, Social

Pro A


Pro B

Fun & Semi Competitive



Important Note From Ska'moog - We are players and really care about your experience.  As such, we take pride in trying to make every Ska'moog event great filled with last second TDs and not 40-0 blowouts.  So, please reach through the divisions and try to select the one that morst approprately fits your team.  And please note Ska'moog closely monitors competition and may change your division if they deem appropriate.

Co-Rec Division

Fun, Engaging, and Social


Problem - We were tired of playing in overpriced Co-Rec leagues where to many people were on the field and you often were not involved in the play.

Solution - Ska'moog Co-Rec is 5v5 which creates a fast, fun, and engaging game environment where you can't help but be involved in every play.  The rules incorporate all players.  We also added a more free photos, highlight video, stats, and a champions tournament all for much less then you are paying at your local league.

Is Co-Rec right for my team?

The Co-Rec division is designed for social sports teams that are looking for fun, engaging football.  This is great division for work teams, friends, and former intramural teams.  


Key Rules

- 2 Guys/Girls have to be on the field each play

- 2 Girl Plays per 5 downs

- Girl TDs are 8 pts, Guys are 6 pts 

See full rules here =>


Pro-A Division



- Pro A is competitive, fast and physical.  There are more rewards, challenges, and a gamechanging Tournament of Champions where the top Power Ranked teams from the season challenge each other for the coveted BLACK jerseys and $2,500 in prizes!

Is Pro A right for my team?

- Pro A is mainly comprised with talented football teams that consistently play.  They have high football IQs and often have significant experience competing.  The general rule is if you are unsure on your division it is better to start in Pro B and then change to Pro A.

Key Rules

- Open Hand Blocking

- Live Rush (3 yd rush line)

- Safeties

- No bump and run (allowed in All-Ska'moog)

See full rules here =>


Pro-B Division

Fun and Semi Competitive


- Ska'moog Pro B is fun, engaging, and semi competitive.  The 5v5 format keeps everyone involved in every play.  Our style also includes some hand contact that makes rushing and blocking more fun!

Is Pro B right for my team?

- Pro B is perfect for players that enjoy playing football.  The division is filled with solid teams that understand the game of football and like competing.  This is a perfect division to start with if you are unsure of where to start.

Key Rules

- Open Hand Blocking

- Live Rush (3 yd Rush Line)

- No Bump and Run

- Safeties

See full rules here =>

All-Ska'moog (INVITE ONLY)



- All-Ska'moog is the top division in Ska'moog.  If you want to compete against the best, then this division is for you.  Each season we have a limited number of All-Ska'moog events where we invite the top teams from the area to compete (note - we always invite the Top Pro A teams to compete).

Is All-Ska'moog right for my team?

- If you had to think about that question, this division is probably not for you yet.  If you are confident in your skills then email to make your case why you should be invited.


Key Rules

- Live rush

- Open hand blocking (no shoulders or stiff arms)

- Bump and run coverage

See full rules here =>


Questions on divisions?

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